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Beyblade Arena

Beyblade Arena

Posted on 16. Feb, 2012 by in Arenas


In a Beyblade game, an arena is necessary for spinning tops to move around.  Since the birth of Beyblades, the arenas additionally provide more excitement to Beyblade games due to its various designs.

There are a lot of popular Beyblade arenas.  Here are some of the popular ones:

•    Dragon’s Den Stadium – It is evident that the stadium is based on L-Drago or Meteo L-Drago LW105LF.  It has dark blue with dark red highlights.  The arena also has Meteo L-Drago’s face and L-Drago’s tail around the Beystadium and penalty pockets.  The stadium has the “DRAGONS DEN” words in the center.

The Dragon’s Den Stadium is also based on the Lightning Force Stadium that was released in late 2011.  Slight difference is seen in the tornado ridge and inner ridge.

As to performance, Dragon’s Den Stadium performs almost the same as the Lightning Force Stadium.  But Beyblades have more room to circle the Dragon’s Den arena since the design of L-Drago is longer.  However, some says that the stadium provides less stamina for the Beys.

beyblade arena vortex

Beyblade Vortex Arena

•    Burning Firestrike Stadium – This is a Hastro line which was released in January 2011.  It is a basic stadium which is almost the same with the Thunder Whip Stadium but different because of three (3) thin grooves in the center.  With this grooves, you have to expect the unexpected in a battle.  It is known that the grooves actually drain the spin power, weaken a defensive Bey, and stop offensive patterns.

The Burning Firestrike Stadium also has outside grooves showing a design of the Phoenix.

•    Attack Type Stadium – This stadium, which was released in August 9, 2008, is for attack-type Beyblades.  With a clear arena, it gives offensive Beyblades an opportunity to strike opponents with the tornado and outer ridge.  The ridges of the stadium keep the aggressive movements of Beyblades.  And the three walls of the stadium keep the Beys from escaping the arena.

The Attack Type Stadium is the most common MFB stadium.  It is available in white, black, and blue.

•    The Green Hades Stadium – This glass like stadium is created by a meteor and located in Koma Village.  Only Gingka and Hyoma have known about it.  But due to the Pegasus Star Blast Attack, it is destroyed.  This has been perfect for Rock Aries ED145B.

•    Maximum Stampede Stadium – This is a Hasbro line released in October 2010.  The newer design of this stadium has three craters.  These craters have different effect for each type of Bey.  For Attack type Beys, the craters increase the offensiveness similar to the Japanese Tornado Stadium’s effect but less effective.  Craters for the Defense type Beys act as shields while for the Stamina, it is a haven to spin.

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